Here is Ian posing with his extra-large buddies.
Look at how he is growing and changing!

August 15th, 2003


August 29th, 2003


September 16th, 2003


September 25th, 2003


October 12th, 2003


November 2nd, 2003


November 19th, 2003


December 23rd, 2003


January 14th, 2004


January 28th, 2004


February 22nd, 2004


March 8th, 2004


March 30th, 2004


April 27th, 2004
(Getting a bit more difficult to get pics!)


May 12th, 2004
(Only picture I could get, and I had to snap it quickly!)


June 2nd, 2004
10 months old!


August 24th, 2004
Poor buddies are finally out of storage!


October 10th, 2004


Wow, these guys could be fun!


November 11th, 2004


December 10th, 2004


January 31st, 2005
(Static hair!, but gotta love that smile)


February 25th, 2005


March 16th, 2005
Whenever I bring out his bear and bunny, Ian always plops right down between them and smiles.
I've been doing it for so long, he remembers every time. I noticed today that when I tell
him, "Say 'Cheese!'" that he says "heese!" So his vocabulary consists of "Mama," "Dada," and "cheese!"


May 4th, 2005


June 6th, 2005
Ian still loves his buddies.. he pulls them out, sits down and says "cheese!" lol


August 2nd 2006
Ian is 3 years old!


August 2, 2007
Ian is 4!


Ian insisted on laying down, too.
I guess he still remembers!